Posted By Alicia

Posted By Alicia

After having SNOW on Easter, it was lovely to get some sun today! I took advantage of the light to get some of my inventory items photographed. As you probably already know if you are on my newsletter, I unfortunately had to cancel attending a big bird show next month due to a flare up related to my health issues. It was a major disappointment, but I am swamped beyond what I can keep up with as it is with the custom orders from January's opening, so taking the stress of the show off of my mind really was for the best. I have a stash of creations that I had been holding back for the show to now offer for sale. I hope to get a couple of these items photographed every week, so do watch my eBay auctions and Etsy shop for some of these creations to show up shortly!

My shaggy dogs (Maisie at the top and Teddy at the bottom) enjoyed sunning on the porch and overseeing my photo shoot this afternoon. As you can see, my poor babies are quite overdue for haircuts! Anybody want to come over and do the job for me? :)

Shaggy Dogs

Posted By Alicia

I've been sick and not able to work on anything for a while, but I thought I'd share a picture of my dedicated nurse-dogs! They take their job very seriously. ;)


I haven't yet introduced my poodles on my blog, though you have probably seen their photos on the little slide show at the right as well. Teddy (a large miniature poodle) is in the back looking at the camera. Next is Maisie (a black toy poodle) and Maggie (an apricot toy poodle) both taking a snooze. They really are the light of my life and each have such unique personalities, I will write more about each of them in the future. They are never far from me, and can be usually found on their nap couch while I work at my table a few feet away.






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