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I have created three unique beaded necklaces in my whimsical "Flights of Fancy" style, in shades of purple!

The birds featured are a (non-specified) parrot, a cockatiel and a Goffin's Cockatoo. Please see each auction, as there are many special details that do not show up in these preview photos!

Beautiful glass beads and amethyst stones really make these sets lovely. These would make fantastic gifts for someone who enjoys one-of-a-kind jewelry!

These necklace/earring sets are on sale on eBay for one week on auction, but please note that I have listed these with Buy It Now options! This means you can snap a set up right away if no one has bid yet, without having to wait for the auction to end!

There is also a new African Grey "Flights of Fancy" Necklace/Earring set (shown below) and matching bracelet (not pictured) in grey/silver/red/black beads available this week.

Posted By Alicia

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones, feathered and furry included.

I am so incredibly thankful for all of you who continue to show interest in my artwork, and the many kind customers that I am blessed to be able to work with. Thank you - you are much appreciated!

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The Bird of the Month is the beautiful Blue Throated Macaw!

I haven't had any macaws on sale for a while, so I've listed a charm, choker necklace, glass beaded bracelet and a glass beaded necklace/earring set for auction on eBay and end on Friday!


I have also created three unique pendant necklaces featuring some "abstract parrots", made using many bits of "scrap clay", all rolled together to form some unusual and eye catching designs!

I typically wait until I have quite a clump of many bits of leftover clay from custom orders, and then squeeze it all together in different ways. It's always a fun surprise to see how each one turns out, and certainly makes each piece one-of-a-kind!

The birds could represent a variety of parrot species based on the body shapes, it's just up to your imagination! These pendants are on sale on eBay until Friday.

In addition, there there is a new assortment of bird poop jewelry available! I find that whenever I need a break from sculpting custom orders, making some "poop jewelry" is a fun change. ;)

Apparently, I'm not the only one around with a slightly bizarre sense of humor, since I can't seem to keep these crazy creations in stock! You've asked for more, so here they are!

This collection of pins, pendant, charm, choker and magnet are now on sale until Friday on my eBay Auctions.

As I did last month, I'm using eBay Giving Works to donate at least 10% of the proceeds of all of this week's auctions to The Oasis Sanctuary! It's a perfect time to think about holiday gifts, and this is a great way to give back to bird rescue at the same time!

Posted By Alicia

Posted By Alicia

Looking for some unique parrot art for your home? Check out these beautiful Stained Glass hanging parrots by glass artist Jaudon Vance.

Besides the beautiful male and female Eclectus parrots shown here, she will be doing other species as well.

For more details, or to place an order, check out Jaudon's new Stained Glass Parrots webpage.




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