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I've been so busy working on custom orders, but I couldn't resist making something special for you this month! There is a Halloween themed beaded necklace and matching bracelet, as well as a Fall Leaves pin, all featuring Congo African Greys. They are on auction on eBay, ending on Wednesday.

Also new on eBay this week are a Meyer's Parrot bracelet charm and cell charm, a Lutino Cockatiel charm, and another "Poop" necklace and pin.

It's time for an "oldie-but-a-goodie" for the Bird of the Month! There is a HUGE collection of Congo African Grey pieces for you to choose from this month, only a few are shown here, so please see my eBay listings for a full list.

They are being auctioned on SALE until September 23rd and 24th on eBay! After that, anything remaining will go into store inventory at full price.

Posted By Alicia

Yes, I finally did it! :) Some of you have been pestering me about getting on Facebook for years, and I decided that the time has finally come, LOL!

I'm still getting a "feel" for it, but I'm excited to let you know that at least I'm up and running! Here is my "fan page" if you want to "be a fan":

Apparently once I get 100 fans, then I get a shorter page address without all of the numbers on the end!

I'll post a few more photos and things over there as time allows. It seems to be a lot easier to post things on my personal profile page though, so I may just use that one primarily instead of the "fan page". I'll just have to see how this goes.

If you'd like to "friend me" on my personal page, here it is:

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