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Posted By Alicia

I have removed the request form on my website for custom order requests as I currently have enough custom order requests to keep me busy for about a year.

Next year when I am ready to accept more custom orders, I will let you know here and through my newsletter when the request form is back up and ready for new requests!


I've put an assortment of new stuff on eBay for this week. Shown here is a complete African Grey "Flights of Fancy" ensemble, with necklace, earrings and matching beaded bracelet. I love the stunning glass beads and color scheme in amber, yellow and garnet.

Also on auction this week are a beaded Umbrella Cockatoo Bracelet & Earrings, a Turquoisine Grass Parakeet Charm, another "Poop Pin" (not shown) and some feather earrings.



Posted By Alicia

I groom all 3 of my poodles myself, which is a lot of work, but it can be fun. Sometimes I get a little carried away and do some "sculpting" with scissors - which reminds me of Edward Scissorhands.... but anyways, aren't Maggie's little leg poofies cute? She likes to pose for pictures after I groom her - what can I say, she is a poodle supermodel! :)


Maggie July


Posted By Alicia


The Bird of the Month is a the striking Alexandrine Ringneck! I haven't made any of these for a while, and my website was needing some new "models", so here they are! Like last month's Rosellas, these Ringnecks are a more complicated bird to make with many colors to blend, but they are certainly a beautiful bird.

The collection is on sale for the next 5 days on eBay! There are a male and a female charm, male choker, male pin, female pendant on cord, male beaded bracelet and male beaded necklace/earring set.

Also on auction this week are some new "Bird Poops", a Congo Grey charm, a Moluccan Cockatoo choker, and a beaded Double Yellow Headed Amazon charm necklace with earrings.


I'm also having a sale on all store items - I've applied a 5% discount to EVERYTHING in my eBay Store through the end of the month! This means that all of the "Buy It Now" items are on sale, so if you've had your eye on something there, now is the time to snap it up, as I don't anticipate doing these store sales very often. You can go to my eBay Store to see what's currently available.

Posted By Alicia
Egg Pendant


I recently finished a custom order that was a fun challenge, something a bit different than I've done before. I had a really wonderful drawing of the customer's design to go from, so that helped a lot!

This baby cockatiel was sculpted from Super Sculpley, with a layer of Transclucent Liquid Sulpey over the eye for that "sealed up" look, and white Premo for the shell. I don't normally use paint on my pieces, but did a thin wash of highlights on the baby's body to show the itty bitty wrinkles and details.

More pictures of this, as well as other recent custom orders can be seen in my Flickr album.




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