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Posted By Alicia

Wishing all of you dads out there a super special day!

I'm extra thankful to have my dad this Father's Day! He's had a rough time lately with a serious blood infection, but is doing okay thankfully, and we hope he will be feeling back to normal soon! Here's a few photos just for the fun of it!

Alicia & dad

Posted By Alicia

The Bird of the Month is a bird that I've never sculpted before, the beautiful Crimson Rosella. Those of you in some parts of Australia probably see them frequently! I can only imagine having these beautiful birds wild in your backyard! There is great detail on the scalloping on the wings and back which was a fun challenge to create. There is a charm, choker, pin, pendant on cord, beaded bracelet and beaded necklace/earring set currently on auction on eBay!

I have also listed a large assortment of wild and wonderful red, white and blue creations - just in time for the 4th of July! The birds loosely represented are: African Grey, Amazon, Cockatiel, Cockatoo, Conure, Eclectus, Macaw and Parrotlet - however some could look like other species, so it's really up to your imagination! You can read more about them within each listing page, so go visit this week's auctions for more details!


Posted By Alicia

WOW, I've been busy - I listed 20 new items on auction on eBay this last week to celebrate the coming of summer! There is an assortment of bracelet charms, cell charms, charm choker necklaces and four more of the fantastic "Live Life, Love Life"/"Follow Your Heart" charm necklaces. Species represented this week are: Sun Conures, Quakers, Male Eclectus, Cockatiels, Nanday Conures, Red Lored Amazons, a Lutino Lovebird and Congo African Greys.

I also listed a Seagreen Lovebird Necklace Set, Male Eclectus Beaded Bracelet, and a colorful "recycled clay" pendant, as well as the Cockatoo set shown below.

After I've been sculpting for a while, I tend to get a collection of little odds and ends of clay that I put into a "scrap pile". When I get enough, I "recycle" the clay by squishing it all together - it's always fun to see what emerges, and the results are always unique! This Cockatoo looks really beautiful with the collection of green, garnet and amber glass beads. To see more pictures, go check out my  auctions on eBay this week, these new creations are on sale for the next 3-5 days.




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