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Posted By Alicia


In a break from my typical parrots, I created some "Flights of Fancy" birds this month! They are more whimsical, and created in a different way, using metallic pigments on top of stamped and textured surfaces on the pendants. A silver glass leaf bead adorns each pendant, and the bird's eyes are black agate. I think of these pendants as wearable mixed media collage!

These particular birds loosely represent: African Grey, Moluccan Cockatoo, Conure, Cockatiel and Hyacinth Macaw. Beautiful glass beads in color schemes of pink, navy blue, and hints of yellow make up all of the necklaces, except for the Moluccan, which is beaded in pink and yellow.

These five unique beaded necklace/earring sets are being auctioned on eBay for the next 5 days, however these Flights of Fancy necklaces DO have the Buy it Now option for immediate purchase.

Posted By Alicia


I took a trip to Australia this month - well, in my imagination anyways. ;) One of my favorite Australian cockatoos is the Galah, or Rose Breasted Cockatoo. Their puffy crests, and pretty pink and grey colors always catch my eye! It's been a while since I've offered some on eBay, and I've been receiving a lot of requests, so I chose this species for May's Bird of the Month!

On auction are a bracelet charm, charm choker, pendant, and beaded necklace/earring set. All of the cockatoos are on auction for the next 5 days on eBay, ending on Thursday!

While on my "virtual trip" to Australia, I had a cuddle with a Koala Bear! ;) They are such huggable looking creatures, aren't they? I've never sculpted one before, but decided to give it a try!

This beaded Koala necklace/earring set is currently on auction on eBay for the next 5 days, ending on Thursday, however there is a Buy It Now option on this one, so it could be snapped up!





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