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Posted By Alicia

I have two new ARTdornments necklaces for you this month! There is a sweet Amazon Parrot pendant on gold chain, and a beautiful beaded necklace and earring set featuring one of pre-raphaelite painter John William Waterhouse's lovely ladies, holding roses. The necklaces both have a Buy It Now option, and are being auctioned on eBay for five days, ending on May 1st.

Posted By Alicia


What a colorful batch of Serendipity parrots I have for you this month! I ended up with a lot of scrap clay recently, and while I had absolutely NO intention of making so many "scrap clay pendants", they simply decided they had to be made I guess! So here are 13 incredibly unique parrot pendants, in beautiful spring colors, with bits of silver leafing adding some sparkle!

The Serendipity pendants for sale this month could represent a wide variety of species, it is really up to your imagination - however I did base some of the shapes on: African Greys, Macaw, Cockatoos, Conure, Budgie, Parrotlet, Eclectus, Quaker, Amazon, Cockatiel, and more. See if you can pick your favorite species out!

The necklaces are all being auctioned on eBay for five days, ending on Wednesday, May 1st. However, I have offered a Buy It Now option on each of these pieces, so if you can't wait for the auctions to end, you are welcome to go snap one up before the bids start!

Posted By Alicia

To celebrate Spring, I'm happy to announce a special discount for you this month! Use coupon code "SPRINGSALE" to receive 30% off purchases in any of my Etsy Shops through the end of the month!

There are some funny "bird poop" charms & pendants for parrot lovers in the Alicia's Creations shop, elegant necklaces with an old-fashioned style in my ARTdornements shop, and unique magnets with positive messages in my Joy Magnet Art shop, all currently available for immediate purchase, so take a look!

(Please note that you must enter the code SPRINGSALE during checkout to have the discount applied - I cannot do it for you afterwards.)

To see what's available for immediate purchase, visit my Etsy shops:

Posted By Alicia


The plan for March's Bird of the Month was to be the Male Eclectus, in their brilliant green, in honor of St. Patrick's Day! Due to ongoing health issues however, I wasn't able to get the pieces listed for you last month, but here they are now - better late than never, right? :) In addition, to celebrate Spring this month, there is a Congo African Grey with a white and pink flower, strung on a beaded necklace!

The new pieces for sale this month include all of the jewelry shown above: a Congo Grey charm choker, the Spring Flower Congo Grey beaded necklace, a male Eclectus charm choker, and two full bodied male Eclectus pendants (only one shown here). All of this month's pieces have a BUY IT NOW option, so act fast if you see something that you want! The pieces are being auctioned on eBay for five days, ending on Wednesday, May 1st.




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