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Posted By Alicia

In honor of Kaleena's birthday tomorrow, I am offering a unique Eclectus creation for sale this week! The necklace set features a Female Eclectus in a different style than the typical birds I make. She was sculpted from solid black polymer clay, with an application of beautiful metallic pigment powders in shades of russet, red, lavender, purple and highlights of blue. The glossy finish makes the piece really shine!

Coordinating glass beads sparkle beautifully, and it is just impossible to get a photo that truly reflects the lovely colors in this set. It is a special and unique creation that I hope will find a hope with someone special! You can view or bid on the set for the next 6 days currently on EBAY. Eclectust set

Posted By Alicia

Don't panic! My website is down temporarily as I've just done a major upgrade and my files are in the process of being uploaded to the new server. I'm working on it as quickly as possible and hope to have the entire website back tonight. That is, if I can figure it all out.....

Posted By Alicia

This trio of custom budgies are flying off to their home in Germany, but stayed for a moment to pose for a picture! :) This piece really took a long time to finish, I find parakeets to be one of the most challenging species to create in clay!  More pictures of this custom pin can be viewed on Flickr.


Budgie Trio

Posted By Alicia

We just received a great assortment of yummy goodies from Heidi at kindly given for Killian and Kaleena to try out. Well, as you can see, they enjoyed their birdie bread made from "Fid Flour" and the "Itty Bitty Birdy Bites" so much that they didn't even take their heads out of their food bowls to look at the camera! :) With the fresh, human grade ingredients and wonderful mix of flavors, it's no surprise that they are loving it! Thanks so much Heidi!

chowing down

Posted By Alicia
I was honored to have a photo of one of my custom light switch plates requested for Bird Talk's Avain Flair column in the June issue! The piece that is featured has 2 Maroon Bellied Conures, which you can also see on my Lightswitch Plates page.

In other news, take a look at my current auctions on eBay for a variety of conures on sale this week!



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