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Posted By Alicia

Running around with the dogs!

On the sofa finding a place to sit.

How in the world did a SKUNK get in the house, you may be wondering.

Well it is a very long and strange story! :) Here is the short version.

The skunk, named Trixie, is not a wild skunk, but a domestic bred pet. She has been "de-scented", so no worries about getting sprayed!


She came to an exotic animal rescue, and was in need of a foster home. As you know, I am a major animal lover, and support various rescues however I can.

I had always thought skunks were such unique animals, so I applied to give her a temporary foster home, and we were approved and she just came home today!

Trixie is just adorable, and couldn't get along better with the dogs. They are all having a great time playing!


And the final photo below!




It's Maisie, the skunk impersonator! Did I get'cha?

Posted By Alicia
Whew, it sure takes time to get photos done, it feels like I spend just as much time photographing my creations as I do actually making them! I've listed several dozen items in my Etsy shop, many at sale prices, so I hope you will stop by and take a look. (Keep in mind that unlike eBay, the items on Etsy are not being auctioned and will be sold immediately to the first person to add the items to their cart.) If you want something that I have listed on Etsy, you will need to go to my Etsy shop to purchase it.

I thought I would take this opportunity to give you a quick overview in case you were wondering what exactly Etsy is! I know there are some of you who have wanted some of my items which are listed there but were unsure about how to go about doing it on Etsy.

Simply put, it is an online marketplace for handcrafted items & art, and is filled with fabulously talented people from all over the world. As a seller, I pay a fee to list each item for sale, where it is showcased in my "Etsy shop". Buying items on Etsy is free and easy.

Sort of! Items sold on Ebay generally are sold in auction format, but on Etsy every item is sold as "Buy it Now", there is no bidding. When you see something you want, you add it to your cart and make the purchase immediately. No need to wait for an auction to end, or worry about anyone outbidding you.

First, you need to sign up for a free account to be able to make a purchase. It's really quick and easy to do, just pick a user name, password and enter your email address and shipping information. Then you receive an email from Etsy that you need to respond to so that your account will be activated. (Make sure you are careful to enter your correct email address so that you receive this email!) Once you're all set, go to my Etsy shop at and click on the item you want, add to your cart, and follow the instructions online! Any questions? I'm happy to help, just drop me an email at parrotjewelry (at)

Greenwing on Etsy

Posted By Alicia

After having SNOW on Easter, it was lovely to get some sun today! I took advantage of the light to get some of my inventory items photographed. As you probably already know if you are on my newsletter, I unfortunately had to cancel attending a big bird show next month due to a flare up related to my health issues. It was a major disappointment, but I am swamped beyond what I can keep up with as it is with the custom orders from January's opening, so taking the stress of the show off of my mind really was for the best. I have a stash of creations that I had been holding back for the show to now offer for sale. I hope to get a couple of these items photographed every week, so do watch my eBay auctions and Etsy shop for some of these creations to show up shortly!

My shaggy dogs (Maisie at the top and Teddy at the bottom) enjoyed sunning on the porch and overseeing my photo shoot this afternoon. As you can see, my poor babies are quite overdue for haircuts! Anybody want to come over and do the job for me? :)

Shaggy Dogs

Posted By Alicia

Hard to believe it is already Easter, especially since we had SNOW yesterday. I managed to get Killian & Kaleena to pose for a few photos, and am sharing them with you in the Smilebox card below. (Thanks so much to my dear friend Pat for turning me onto Smilebox, it is fun!) Well, Killian, Kaleena, and I (and the dogs too) all want to wish you a wonderful holiday and Happy Spring!

Click to play Easter Birds 08
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Posted By Alicia

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Killian is a perfect model for St. Patrick's day, wouldn't you say?

What a perfect day to celebrate my favorite color. :) I put together a few gloriously green things to auction on ebay, click here to view all current EBAY AUCTIONS.

Unfortunately I haven't posted here as much as I would like lately, due to not feeling well. I'm hopeful that this coming week will be a better one so that I can get back to work full force. The good news is that spring really is finally just around the corner, the birds outside are starting to chirp and we are all looking forward to warmer weather!




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