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Posted By Alicia

I've been sick and not able to work on anything for a while, but I thought I'd share a picture of my dedicated nurse-dogs! They take their job very seriously. ;)


I haven't yet introduced my poodles on my blog, though you have probably seen their photos on the little slide show at the right as well. Teddy (a large miniature poodle) is in the back looking at the camera. Next is Maisie (a black toy poodle) and Maggie (an apricot toy poodle) both taking a snooze. They really are the light of my life and each have such unique personalities, I will write more about each of them in the future. They are never far from me, and can be usually found on their nap couch while I work at my table a few feet away.



Posted By Alicia

My sculpting table is directly next to a window overlooking some rosebushes at level with the ground, and I enjoy watching the birds and other critters outside as I work. This was my view today, a rabbit nibbling on the rose stalks and trying to stay warm in the cold. He was less than 2 feet from me, but stayed until I moved the blind to take a photo. Such a cute little guy, had to share his photo here. The ice, snow and cold is sure getting old around here!


Rabbit Photo

Posted By Alicia

I love receiving photos from my customers enjoying their parrot art, it always makes my day! Here are some cute photos sent from a customer in Hong Kong with her birds modeling their "clay portaits"! These pictures gave me such a smile that I had to share them here with you all. (Thanks Amy!)

Also, I wanted to thank everyone who has visited and left such kind comments here on my blog! I can't answer each one but I do read them all and enjoy hearing from you. Glad you are enjoying the blog, and I will post more photos of other works in progress soon! :)

Posted By Alicia

A bit late in wishing you Happy Valentine's Day, but it's been a busy day! I hope you had a day filled with happiness surrounded by those you love, whether they are human, feathered, or furry!

The beautiful song Amarantine by Enya was playing as I sculpted away on orders today, and I thought of how fitting that song is for celebrating this day of love. If you haven't heard it before, here is a link to the music video from YouTube.

Posted By Alicia

I was up late last night with my sweet Eclectus girl Kaleena, who laid an egg. This is a fairly common occurrence for her, every 3 to 4 months. (The eggs are infertile since I do not breed her to Killian.) It is amazing to me that a bird of her size can produce such large eggs, although this one was a little smaller than usual. I always feel for her, it just hurts to watch her get that huge egg out! Thankfully she is perfectly healthy and has had scans and tests done to put me at ease knowing she has a healthy level of calcium and is not likely to be egg bound, but it is always a concern. Bless her heart, she is so sweet and not aggressive at all like most female Eclectus parrots when nesting, and just seems to want extra snuggles and attention during this time, and I am happy to oblige. :)



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