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I've made another "scrap clay" pendant, this time in red, white, and blue! This bird resembles a macaw, and has a glossy finish.

I gave myself a little challenge to come up with a new way to use some broken and scratched beads, and the bird on the right is the result!. I turned each bead around so the "good side" was facing up, and then surrounded each glass bead with clay, with a silver metallic finish. I was going for a Congo African Grey, can you tell?

I also have an assortment of about a dozen new magnets from my Joy Magnet Affirmative Art line, and while I don't normally auction these on eBay, I decided to give it a try this month! I am starting bids off lower than what they will be listed for in my Etsy shop, so if you want to snag a great deal, be sure to take a look!

All pieces shown here (PLUS more that I just didn't have space to show) are running for 5 days, and end on June 27th - unless they end early with Buy It Now!



Posted By Alicia


Scarlet Macaws seemed appropriate when I was deciding on a red bird for February! There are 5 different Scarlets on on auction for the next week: Bracelet Charm, Charm Pendant on cord necklace, Full Bodied Pendant on cord necklace, Glass Beaded Necklace/Earring Set, and a piece that will be finished into your choice of either a Pin OR a Magnet, with optional display frame as shown below.

This unique multi-colored parrot was made from scrap bits of clay, with a lovely glossy finish. So striking and eye-catching! This necklace is on auction for the following week.



This charming cockatiel face pendant was sculpted from black clay, with a silver metallic finish. It has a black agate bead eye, and is also on auction for the following week.




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