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Well folks, it's late in the month again, but the Bird of the Month is finally finished! I've chosen the Quaker Parrot (also known as Monk Parrots or Parakeets), and I've created a HUGE assortment for you! I rarely do so many pieces, but I've received so many requests for Quakers, and it's been a while since I've offered them - so here they are!

The 16 creations on auction for the next six days include the following: a bracelet charm, cell phone/purse charm, mini magnet, choker charm, choker necklace, pin, dangle earrings, small pendant on cord, medium pendant on cord, glass beaded bracelet, and a glass beaded necklace/earring set, as well as a Christmas Ornament/Pendant, and a Lucky Clover Necklace shown below. Three Blue Quakers pieces (not shown here) are also on sale!


Posted By Alicia

WOW, I've been busy - I listed 20 new items on auction on eBay this last week to celebrate the coming of summer! There is an assortment of bracelet charms, cell charms, charm choker necklaces and four more of the fantastic "Live Life, Love Life"/"Follow Your Heart" charm necklaces. Species represented this week are: Sun Conures, Quakers, Male Eclectus, Cockatiels, Nanday Conures, Red Lored Amazons, a Lutino Lovebird and Congo African Greys.

I also listed a Seagreen Lovebird Necklace Set, Male Eclectus Beaded Bracelet, and a colorful "recycled clay" pendant, as well as the Cockatoo set shown below.

After I've been sculpting for a while, I tend to get a collection of little odds and ends of clay that I put into a "scrap pile". When I get enough, I "recycle" the clay by squishing it all together - it's always fun to see what emerges, and the results are always unique! This Cockatoo looks really beautiful with the collection of green, garnet and amber glass beads. To see more pictures, go check out my  auctions on eBay this week, these new creations are on sale for the next 3-5 days.



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