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I recently had a request on Facebook to create a Vasa parrot, and it's not a bird species that I've ever had an order for before, so I was fascinated to read about how unique they are among parrots. Not only does the female actually change her feather colors during breeding season, but she molts her head feathers out, and the skin on her head turns yellow!

So while I had another bird in mind for this month's Bird of the Month, I ended up creating the Vasa instead, after being inspired by all of the photos that I found while reading about them! It's always fun to sculpt a species that I've never created before!

In addition, there are several round pendants on sale this week, including two mini-pendants (conure & macaw) starting at just $9.00! I created another owl pendant with Swarovski eyes, and a new design that has a Caique type of parrot face. All of the jewelry is being auctioned on eBay for five days, ending on Tuesday, July 30.

I know there are a lot of you who are anxious to be able to place custom orders again, and I want to thank you for your patience and understanding with the health issues that I'm still experiencing. I had planned to resume accepting a limited number of orders this month, but ended up not feeling well enough. So, we'll see how things are in August, and hopefully I'll be able to get back to custom work then!

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In addition to the penguins this month, there are a few Umbrella Cockatoos on auction including a bracelet charm, a charm choker necklace, and a glass beaded necklace/earring set. Please note that these items are on auction for the next THREE DAYS (not a week, like usual) ending on Monday evening! Go to my eBay Store to see the entire list of new items available!

I also have two Sulphur Crested Cockatoo bird face pendant charms (one on cord, one without) listed on auction on eBay for the next 3 days.

I tried something a bit different with these cockatoos, using black agate beads for the eyes, and was happy with the very life-like look! Take a look at the listings and see what you think.





Want to see some of my recent projects?


I recently posted some "work in progress" photos of a custom ordered owl pin in an album on my Facebook page. There are quite a few other photos of recent work there as well, so stop by and browse!

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I promised a friend of mine that I would make an Owl pin for her, so when her birthday rolled around recently, I decided to make a few pieces for you all too. :) I chose the Great Horned Owl, and what a fabulous challenge it was! These birds are so magnificent, and recreating them in clay gave me the opportunity to try out some more complicated techniques that I rarely use with sculpting parrots.

There are three different necklaces on auction, including a beaded set, a pendant, and a choker. The prices on the owls are higher than the parrot jewelry due to the great deal of time and more involved work. Many people assume these are painted, however absolutely NO paint was used, instead just layers and layers of colored clay, applied painstakingly in different ways give these sculptures their realistic look. The eyes are also clay, and are glossed for a life-like appearance.



I took a break from sculpting last weekend to play around with some different techniques including inking, and made an assortment of unique light switch plates. There are a variety of colors and designs now for sale in my ETSY SHOP!

Please note that these are "first come, first serve" - if you see something that you like, you will need to purchase it immediately on Etsy, since these listings are not auctions. If you've never purchased anything on Etsy, it is super easy, so check it out!



Macaw Light Switch Plate


Owl Light Switch & Outlet Plates





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