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I recently had a request on Facebook to create a Vasa parrot, and it's not a bird species that I've ever had an order for before, so I was fascinated to read about how unique they are among parrots. Not only does the female actually change her feather colors during breeding season, but she molts her head feathers out, and the skin on her head turns yellow!

So while I had another bird in mind for this month's Bird of the Month, I ended up creating the Vasa instead, after being inspired by all of the photos that I found while reading about them! It's always fun to sculpt a species that I've never created before!

In addition, there are several round pendants on sale this week, including two mini-pendants (conure & macaw) starting at just $9.00! I created another owl pendant with Swarovski eyes, and a new design that has a Caique type of parrot face. All of the jewelry is being auctioned on eBay for five days, ending on Tuesday, July 30.

I know there are a lot of you who are anxious to be able to place custom orders again, and I want to thank you for your patience and understanding with the health issues that I'm still experiencing. I had planned to resume accepting a limited number of orders this month, but ended up not feeling well enough. So, we'll see how things are in August, and hopefully I'll be able to get back to custom work then!

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Want to see some of my latest custom work? Check out my photo albums on Facebook, where I often post photos of my recent custom creations, along with work in progress shots.

To place a request for your own custom order, you are welcome to fill out the form on this page of my website to be included in my monthly drawing:

Alternatively, to have an order accepted and worked in to my schedule immediately, you are welcome to place a VIP/Rush order here:

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I've received some great comments from those of you wanting to continue to see "Work in Progress" photos, so here are a few more! Pop over to my Facebook page to see more photos of this recent custom flock necklace as I was creating it.

You can also find many more new photos in my various Facebook photo albums:

If you have a Facebook account, you can click the "Like" button at the top of my page to be informed of updates, and you are welcome to leave comments on my page. I love hearing from you!

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If you would like to see some of the recent custom orders that I've completed, as well as an assortment of various pieces in stages of the sculpting progress, be sure to stop by my Facebook page, where I've been sharing a lot of new photos:

It's not necessary to have a Facebook account to view the photos on my Facebook page. Under the photo on the left hand menu, look for "Photos" (or click here: ) to see the selection of albums that you can browse through. If you do have a Facebook account, you can click the "Like" button at the top of my page to be informed of updates. I love hearing from you and reading your comments!

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I hope you are having a lovely Spring, and have had a wonderful Easter and Passover! I've been enjoying the jonquils outside my window next to my sculpting table, as well as watching the beauty of the trees starting to bud with leaves. Each day brings something new to enjoy outside at this time of the year!

I was not able to make a Bird of the Month collection for sale this month, however, I do have a new "scrap clay" necklace for you! It is on auction on eBay for the next week. A portion of the final sale price will be donated to the Oasis Sanctuary Foundation.

For those of you interested in placing a Custom Order Request, the entry form is on my website here: I draw a limited number of custom orders on the first day of each month. (You can read the full details about the current system of placing custom orders on my website.)

Also, some of you have been asking about the "VIP Custom Order" option, as I had planned to have it set up this month. Due to some health issues that came up this month, I wasn't able to work on it, so this addition will be postponed until next month.


In honor of Mother's Day just around the corner, I'm having a sale of 5% off through May 31st, on all eBay Store items! There are still several unique pieces available for immediate purchase in my eBay store, including this Congo African Grey face charm necklace. To see all items that are available, visit my eBay Store.

I have also listed a whimsical blue African Grey necklace & earring set in my Flights of Fancy style, from my own personal jewelry collection, on eBay. The bird holds a charm with the word "Believe", and is beaded up with some gorgeous glass beads in periwinkle blue, silver, grey and black. The set is on auction for the next week, with a low starting bid!



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