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I'm so happy to report that Kiki's cyst has continued to shrink in size, and she is feeling great! Thank you again to all of you who have been so supportive in your well wishes, positive thoughts and prayers through this healing journey! (If you're new to my newsletter, and want to know more about Kiki's story, you can go through Kiki's Facebook album where I have chronicled her situation along with photos.)

If you've been following Kiki's story, you will recall that we began clicker training a few months ago. Both Kiki and Killian took to it so well, and have enjoyed it so much! In fact, they pick things up so quickly that I'm being challenged to continue to come up with new tricks for them to learn! We're having so much fun!

One of their tricks is "Birdie Bowling"! Watch the video here, and be sure to follow us on Facebook if you want to see future videos with more of their tricks:


Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving next week! Take a few moments to reflect on all of the amazing blessings and gifts in your life - and know that I count YOU as one of mine! Thank you so much for your interest in my creations and my life!

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My Eclectus Parrots are rarely together, since I am not breeding them, but occasionally they get a few minutes on the same playgym, and Killian immediately starts flirting by lifting his wings and saying "tickle tickle", whistling and spitting up for her!

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Sorry for the poor lighting, I wasn't planning to record but we were having snuggle time before bed and he was being so sweet, luckily I had the camera handy. He talks so much, but usually clams up in front of the camera!

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Killian and Kaleena are lucky to have so many wonderful friends! Here are some of their special gifts - which included some yummy birdy bread, and beautifully embroidered stockings!

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I recently got a new camera that also takes videos, so here is a little home movie showing Killian doing his favorite activity: running around (under close supervision) on the floor, exploring any and all nooks and crannies that he can find, along with his beloved doggies, who are thankfully completely trustworthy and "bird-safe"- they just have to be told not to lick him! He really loves the dogs and would spend all of his time as close as possible to them if I let him! Even when he is in his cage, he crawls down to the bottom to be on eye level and talk to them. :) I am really thankful that all of my pets get along so well.




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