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One of the benefits of being laid up ill for so long a few months ago was that I had a lot of "couch time", in which I browsed through a LOT of great books. One in particular that inspired me featured historical jewelry, so it's no surprise that some of my newest pieces have a bit of that "flavor"!

Galah lovers will need to check out the Rose Breasted Cockatoo necklace! There is also a beautiful beaded necklace and earring set featuring another Waterhouse painting that I love.

The three other new necklaces do not feature images, but instead are sculpted around glass stones, some with Swarovski crystals embedded. The necklaces are all being auctioned on eBay for five days, ending on Wednesday, May 22st.

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I took a trip to Australia this month - well, in my imagination anyways. ;) One of my favorite Australian cockatoos is the Galah, or Rose Breasted Cockatoo. Their puffy crests, and pretty pink and grey colors always catch my eye! It's been a while since I've offered some on eBay, and I've been receiving a lot of requests, so I chose this species for May's Bird of the Month!

On auction are a bracelet charm, charm choker, pendant, and beaded necklace/earring set. All of the cockatoos are on auction for the next 5 days on eBay, ending on Thursday!

While on my "virtual trip" to Australia, I had a cuddle with a Koala Bear! ;) They are such huggable looking creatures, aren't they? I've never sculpted one before, but decided to give it a try!

This beaded Koala necklace/earring set is currently on auction on eBay for the next 5 days, ending on Thursday, however there is a Buy It Now option on this one, so it could be snapped up!


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I've received some great comments from those of you wanting to continue to see "Work in Progress" photos, so here are a few more! Pop over to my Facebook page to see more photos of this recent custom flock necklace as I was creating it.

You can also find many more new photos in my various Facebook photo albums:

If you have a Facebook account, you can click the "Like" button at the top of my page to be informed of updates, and you are welcome to leave comments on my page. I love hearing from you!

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The Bird of the Month is the adorable Peach-faced Lovebird! I'm happy to offer you a LOT to choose from this month, including a glass beaded necklace set, beaded bracelet, pendant without cord, pendant with cord, "normal" pin, Flights of Fancy pin, charm choker, dangle earrings, magnet and a bracelet charm all on auction on eBay for the few days.

There is an assortment of other jewelry in the following species also on sale: Galah Cockatoo, Blue Front Amazon, Blue Masked Lovebird, Sun Conure, African Grey, and a few "bird poops" too, check it out!

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Well, it has been a very difficult month, but the Bird of the Month collection for June is finally ready! Better late than never, right? Because of the many requests for Galahs over the past few months, I decided I HAD to go with this lovely bird this month. I have posted a large collection of Galah / Rosebreasted Cockatoos for auction on eBay this week, which include a bracelet charm, choker, pendant, pin, glass bead necklace sets, beaded bracelet as well as a pair of full body earrings!

There are actually two glass bead sets available this week, one with silver beads with the bird created in a brighter pink, and one with gold beads with the bird created in paler colors.

The items will be available for the next 6 days on eBay, so go take a look if you have been waiting for this species! Also new on eBay this week is a Hahn's Macaw choker, as well as a Congo African Grey glass beaded necklace/earring set in a black and white theme with polka dots and stripes - fun!

To see the complete list of items currently on auction, go to my EBAY listings.




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