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As you know if you've been a fan of mine for a while, I generally keep my blog dedicated to my art....but something is unfolding that I have decided to share with you all. I know that most of you, my cherished readers and customers, are dedicated parrot lovers as well, and often express how you enjoy hearing about my two beloved bird friends. This time, the story that I am sharing is a lot harder to type out.

On July 28th I was shocked to find a large cyst on Kaleena (Kiki) my 11 year old female Eclectus, near the side of her tail. She continues to act completely normal, eating, playing, etc. I rushed her to the vet, with the hopes that it was just a lipoma or fatty cyst. It wasn't. She underwent as many tests as my vet could run. Unfortunately, the x-rays showed that the mass is probably connected to her reproductive organs.

She has been referred to Iowa State Veterinarians for additional testing, and most likely a delicate surgery, on August 7th. There are just so many "unknowns" right now, and until she goes through more intensive testing on Wednesday, we can't know what the next step for treatment will be. However, my vet feels that immediate surgery will likely be happening. As you probably know, if you have birds, avian surgery can be very risky, however in this case it may be the only way to possibly save her life. Kiki is a truly special little being, with a strong spirit and body, and if anyone can make it through such an ordeal, I know that she can, with the help of the many prayers and positive energy that she is receiving from so many around the world.

I was encouraged by several people to start a fundraiser for Kiki, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude at the incredible support and love we are receiving. We do not yet know what the total costs will be, but I want her to have the best care possible for her highest chance of survival! Please watch her video, and join us by contributing to her veterinary fund if you feel inspired!

FundRazr Page:

I put together a video with photos of Kiki and her unique life story, and I'd love to share it with you. I spent an entire night looking through all of her beautiful photos, and savoring so many special memories as I created it. Feel free to pass it on!

The video can be seen on You Tube:
as well as on Facebook:

I will be posting updates on my Alicia's Creations Facebook page whenever I can:

I so appreciate all of the positive energy, light, love and prayers you can send, especially on Wednesday. From the depth of my being, I thank you.

With Love and Gratitude,
Alicia (and Kiki)


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I have set up a FundRazr Page for Kiki here:

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I wanted to let everyone know about an online auction that will be held from June 25th through July 2nd to benefit the evacuated animals of the devastating Cedar Rapids flood. The website is located at:  - please stop by and view the photos and stories of the many people and pets affected by the flood.

Over 40 vendors and artisans have donated items, and all proceeds will go to the "Friends of the Animal Shelter Fund", which has been set up to help these pets. I am happy to be able to participate in this worthwhile cause and have donated the Congo Grey bracelet shown below as well as a light switch plate, so I hope you will go visit the auction, bid high, and help the animals in need! (If you aren't looking to purchase anything, but would like to show your support, you can make monetary donations through the links on the website or by sending in a check to the foundation.)


Thank you!bracelet

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It's amazing how life for so many people can turn upside down in such a short time. My city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, suffered severe devastation from record breaking floods over the last week. (If you missed coverage on the news, you can view a great deal of footage on by typing in "Cedar Rapids Flood".) It is a difficult time and sad to see so much loss all around, yet we are so thankful that there are have been minimal injuries or deaths.

Thanks so much to all of you that emailed and called to check on me after hearing about the disaster on the national news - I am a bit shaken, but safe and sound! I personally have SO very much to be thankful for, besides the most important fact that my family, pets, and friends are safe, that my home was safe from the flood water. We are thankful to have electricity and phones working and had wonderful news yesterday that the city water is improving capacity so this is going to be a huge help in getting everything a bit more normalized.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, I really appreciate it!

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Believe it or not, a 5.4 magnitude earthquake centered in Illinois early this morning was felt here in Eastern Iowa, about 400 miles from the epicenter. I have always been fascinated with the reported behavior of pets and other animals before earthquakes and natural disasters. However, I slept through it, and none of my pets showed any odd behavior enough to wake me.  We are thankful that it wasn't a big deal! :) After being in a tornado watch last week and having to get the birds set up in travel carriers just in case, there has been a lot of excitement around here. It's a good reminder to have your emergency gear and extra food supplies for your pets all ready for situations when you may need to hurry to safety! I'm glad that my birds love to go into their travel/emergency carriers and seemed to enjoy the few hours spent waiting it out.

Hearing about the earthquake does bring back memories of going through the Mt. Pinatubo volcano eruption in the Philippines in 1991, which was certainly QUITE an event to live through! The house shook, and while we had no structural damage, we had ash damage. Our car,  yard, and the majority of the surface of most objects indoors as well were covered and took days to clean and make livable! But in light of the tremendous losses that were sustained by others, we were incredibly grateful. What an experience!




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