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As you know if you've been a fan of mine for a while, I generally keep my blog dedicated to my art....but something is unfolding that I have decided to share with you all. I know that most of you, my cherished readers and customers, are dedicated parrot lovers as well, and often express how you enjoy hearing about my two beloved bird friends. This time, the story that I am sharing is a lot harder to type out.

On July 28th I was shocked to find a large cyst on Kaleena (Kiki) my 11 year old female Eclectus, near the side of her tail. She continues to act completely normal, eating, playing, etc. I rushed her to the vet, with the hopes that it was just a lipoma or fatty cyst. It wasn't. She underwent as many tests as my vet could run. Unfortunately, the x-rays showed that the mass is probably connected to her reproductive organs.

She has been referred to Iowa State Veterinarians for additional testing, and most likely a delicate surgery, on August 7th. There are just so many "unknowns" right now, and until she goes through more intensive testing on Wednesday, we can't know what the next step for treatment will be. However, my vet feels that immediate surgery will likely be happening. As you probably know, if you have birds, avian surgery can be very risky, however in this case it may be the only way to possibly save her life. Kiki is a truly special little being, with a strong spirit and body, and if anyone can make it through such an ordeal, I know that she can, with the help of the many prayers and positive energy that she is receiving from so many around the world.

I was encouraged by several people to start a fundraiser for Kiki, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude at the incredible support and love we are receiving. We do not yet know what the total costs will be, but I want her to have the best care possible for her highest chance of survival! Please watch her video, and join us by contributing to her veterinary fund if you feel inspired!

FundRazr Page:

I put together a video with photos of Kiki and her unique life story, and I'd love to share it with you. I spent an entire night looking through all of her beautiful photos, and savoring so many special memories as I created it. Feel free to pass it on!

The video can be seen on You Tube:
as well as on Facebook:

I will be posting updates on my Alicia's Creations Facebook page whenever I can:

I so appreciate all of the positive energy, light, love and prayers you can send, especially on Wednesday. From the depth of my being, I thank you.

With Love and Gratitude,
Alicia (and Kiki)


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Please join me in supporting Robin's Relief Fund! ♥ Visit to learn more about Robin and her courageous fight, and how YOU can make a difference!

The most sought after names in Mythic Art have graciously donated their exclusive artwork in this one-of-a-kind auction to raise spirits, raise hopes and raise funds for Robin's new legs, new hands, and new life.


The auctions have begun, and you can find some of my jewelry there too! :) Have a look at the eBay listings:


Robin's Relief Fund

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The Phoenix Landing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit all-volunteer organization established to promote and protect the welfare of parrots, especially those with an extensive lifespan. Phoenix Landing operates an adoption program which covers the Washington D.C. region, as well as most of Maryland, Virginia and parts of North Carolina. Phoenix Landing also hosts educational seminars featuring speakers with special knowledge or experience related to the welfare of parrots.

I'm happy to let you know that when you support the foundation this year at the either of the two higher levels in their membership program, you will receive a custom necklace created by me!

For more information about this wonderful organization and their work, or to learn more about how you can support birds in need, please visit the website:

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I recently had the opportunity to finally visit the Iowa Parrot Rescue! It was a great experience, and I took some photos to share with you! This amazing rescue has placed over 600 birds, which is particularly impressive considering that most come to the rescue with behavioral issues and other problems.

Go to my Facebook Photo Album to view more photos from my visit. To read more about the rescue and learn more about how you may be able to help, please visit their website at:


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The Parrot Toy Angels Fall Auction has started - check it out here: Parrot Toy Angels Auctions on Ebay! One of of my Timneh African Grey charm necklaces can be found in the auctions. All proceeds go to help birds in need.

The auctions runs until 11/21/10 on eBay, and you can find a wide variety of fun things for both humans and birds! It's a great way to start holiday shopping and helping birds at the same time!




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