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Killian happens to love St. Patrick's Day! ;) He wanted to spread the green, so I've made a pair of beautiful earrings with some of his molted feathers! They are adorned with jasper, glass beads and a some dangling dragonfly charms. The earrings are on auction on eBay for the next week.

In other news, I'm making my way through the stack of orders that came through on February 1st, and it's coming along well! If you'd like to see a few works in progress and recent custom orders I've created, you can find new photos in my Facebook photo albums.

At this point, it is looking like I should be able to have February's custom orders all completed sometime in April. I will be putting the Custom Order Request Form back up on my website at the end of this month, on this page: You will be able to place your custom order requests on March 31st.

On April 1st, I will be drawing just a few orders that I will fill around the end of April, and the exact number that I take will depend on how many I still have in line from February at that point.

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This has certainly been an eventful and rather challenging few weeks! If you are one of the many people who wanted to place custom order earlier this month, or want to in the future, please take time to thoroughly read through the following.

I have been booked up solid with custom orders from my last opening about 2 years ago, so the opening on February 1st was a long awaited event for many of you. At noon, I placed the order form up on my website, and the plan was that I would leave the order form up only until I received the number of orders that I could fill within ONE MONTH. I would then "turn off"/remove the order form, until the next month, and continue on in this way. The strain and constant demand of custom orders has taken a toll on me over the years, and I refuse to book myself years in advance any more. I have had to consider no longer doing any custom orders. However, I hoped that working in a monthly system as described would be more manageable and comfortable. The plan sounded theory.

Well, we "live and learn", don't we? Things did not quite go as planned. Within only 6 minutes I had received the maximum amount of orders that I could fill within one month, and I quickly removed the order form. However, it turned out that many people were still in the midst of completing the order form during those moments, and despite the form being "turned off", these orders were still successfully processed by the form, and came through within the following 3-4 minutes. What was only supposed to be one month's worth of orders, quickly turned into about three month's worth, with each of these people expecting to have their order filled in February. What followed were several hours of sorting through the pages and pages of orders that came through, as well as the countless emails from others who were sorely disappointed that their order did not make it in time.

Needless to say, changes are required if I am to continue to take custom orders in the future. I have given this great thought and have come up with what I believe will be a much better plan, detailed in a separate post above. Some of you may not like the new plan, however please realize that it was either THIS, or no more custom orders *at all*. Please understand that the demand is far more than you may realize. It is simply beyond what I, as one person, can actually fill, considering I personally hand sculpt each custom created one-of-a-kind piece of art, which takes time due to the amount of detail and customization that I put into my pieces.

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(I had to break this up into two posts, please read Part 1 if you haven't already.)

Here are the new options for placing custom orders in the future!

There will be a Custom Order Request Form on my website that will be open at all times, for your requests to be placed. It has proven impossible to accurately control the number of custom orders through the form - so instead, there will be no limit. It will be turned "on", and open at all times (unless I am ill or away). However, when you place a request through the form, it will NOT guarantee that your request will be accepted and filled that month - instead, each month's requests will go into a monthly pool, from which I will randomly draw a certain amount requests on the first day of each month. If you've followed me for a while, you will recall that I did something similar before several years ago. This time however, you will be able to place your request again, once each month, until it is drawn.

So, let's say you want a custom order, here is the procedure: You would go to the Custom Order Request Form (which will be located on this page: ) and fill it out. Within 24 hours, you would receive a personal email from me to let you know that your request was received and added to the month's "lottery". Then, on the first day of the following month, if your request was drawn, you would receive an email from me to let you know and discuss the details. If your request was not drawn, you would not receive an email from me on the first of the month, and you could enter again for the following month.

The "odds" of your order being picked would depend on the number of requests received each month, and the number that I would fill, which may vary from month to month. (Due to some health issues which occasionally flare up, I can be slowed up in my ability to work at times. Therefor, some months I may only draw a few orders, and other months I may work overtime.)

I have been approached by some of you offering to pay more, if I would work in your order. I have generally chosen not to do that in the past, but this continues to be requested, so I have come up with a new option for those of you who do not mind paying more in order to have a custom order accepted immediately. There will be a separate order form added to my website in the coming months, called the "VIP" (Very Important Parrot) Custom Order Form. Placing a VIP order gets your custom order automatically accepted, and worked in line immediately with the most minimal wait possible. (Wait time will depend on the item/number of birds.) Pricing will be double the normal custom order prices. More information on VIP Orders will be presented in the months to come.


Due to the excess orders that came through on Feb. 1st, I cannot accept ANY additional orders until all of those are filled. My first priority is to complete each of those before I will put the new ordering system into effect. I had planned to spend several weeks working on website updates - however, I will be putting that on hold so that I can more quickly fill these orders. I cannot determine exactly how long it will take to complete all of the orders, since many factors come into play, so at this point it is impossible to set a date yet when I will put the new order forms up. It may be April 1st (no foolin'!) at best, or more likely May 1st. By next month, I will be able to give you the date, so stay tuned!

I appreciate your patience and understanding as I do my best to manage the high demand for my custom work in the most efficient way that I can. The overwhelming amount of interest in my custom artwork continues to humble and astound to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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Warm holiday greetings and wishes for a Happy New Year to you all!

What a year it has been here! Our flooding this summer certainly was the big event of the year, but things have been gradually getting back to "normal" more and more each month. I am so thankful for all of the blessings that have come about this year, and that my family and loved ones are all well. We have so very much to be grateful for, and are looking forward to 2011 with great anticipation!

Killian and Kaleena always insist that I make some Eclectus creations for you every Christmas! They are quite proud to be so perfectly colored for the holiday, and love modeling for me, so it has become an annual tradition now I think! Here is the selection I have created for you this year!

Up for auction are a Male Eclectus bracelet charm, Male Eclectus cell/purse charm (not shown), Male Eclectus charm for necklace, Male Eclectus charm choker necklace, Male Eclectus pendant (no cord), Male Eclectus pendant on cord, Male Eclectus glass beaded necklace/earring set, Female Eclectus pendant on cord, and a Female Eclectus glass beaded necklace/earring set.

Please note that these items are on auction for the next THREE DAYS (not a week, like usual) as well as having a Buy It Now option for those of you needing to get them quickly for gift giving! Go to my eBay Store to see the entire list of new items available!



Well, at long last, I'm coming to the end of what has sometimes felt like a never-ending list of custom orders that have kept me so busy over the last few years! Within the next month or two, I will be having the first opening for new custom orders since 2009!

Just a handful of custom orders are left for this year, then I will begin updating my website with new pricing, adding more current example photos, and some other much needed updates. I will send out a newsletter in January with the exact date that I plan to put the order form up, so that you will have a little time to plan ahead and get ready to place your custom orders.

Thank you again to all of you that have been waiting so patiently for your chance to place a custom order! I am looking forward to working with you this coming year!

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Killian, Kaleena and I want to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's a perfect time of the year to take some time to reflect on the many blessings in our lives - and one of the things I am so very grateful for is your continued interest and support of my artwork through the years! Many of you have consistently been following my work, some from the very beginning 10 years ago, and have become treasured loyal customers. I can't even say how much it means to me - thank you!

One way I can show my appreciation is to offer another sale - so from now until Christmas, I am putting all current eBay Store Items on SALE - 5% off!



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