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Four new ARTdornments necklaces are on auction this week, ending on Friday. They include a beaded Crow/Raven set, a piece with a Fleur-de-lis design, a piece featuring a lovely lady with an Amazon parrot, and a beaded Senegal set.


Check out the auctions here:

Posted By Alicia

The Bird of the Month for October may come as a surprise, since it is not a parrot! It is my first time making a member of the Corvidae family, and I decided to choose the Raven as my Bird of the Month. (Kind of fitting for Halloween, don't you think?)

Did you know that Corvids (ravens, crows, magpies and a few others) are some of the most intelligent birds, showing self awareness in mirror tests, as well as tool building ability? Pretty impressive for a bird that is so common that we often don't give them much thought.

The collection is now up for auction on EBAY for the next 6 days and includes a bracelet charm, choker, pendant, pin, and a glass beaded necklace and earring set!




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