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This was a fun experiment! I played around with "faux leather" effects last month, and made this unique parrot pendant, which I based on an Eclectus shape.

Here is one of my faux ceramic "test" pieces which I decided to string up on a simple string necklace - starting bid is just $9.00!

This pretty necklace set features a Flights of Fancy parrot in turquoise green (which could be an Amazon, Caique, Pionus, or whatever your imagination can see!) on copper chain with some gorgeous accent beads.

I've also listed more magnets from my Joy Magnet Affirmative Art line on eBay! I am starting bids off lower than what they will be listed for in my Etsy shop, so if you want to snag a great deal, be sure to take a look! I only had room to show one here, so be sure to take a look at all of my eBay listings to see everything!

All of the auctions are running for 5 days, and end on Tuesday, July 30th, on eBay.


Posted By Alicia

There is a striking new Serendipity (Scrap Clay) Cockatiel pin on eBay this week, perfect for adding some color to winter wear! There is also a new female Eclectus charm, as well as a new assortment "Bird Poop" jewelry this week on eBay (not shown here), including another magnet, charm, and two pendants.

In addition, I have five new whimsical "Flights of Fancy" styled necklaces for you this week! They include: Cockatoo, White Bellied Caique, Ringneck/Quaker/Conure (up to YOUR imagination!), Male Eclectus, and Female Eclectus.

All of the pieces are on eBay for five days, until Wednesday, December 12th. Good luck with your bids!


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There is a new "Serendipity" pendant on eBay (shown on the far right), in shades of green with streaks of yellow and orange. This one reminds me of a Gold Capped Conure, what do you think?

Back in July, I listed a "Kawaii Style" Green Budgie, and had so many requests for another one! So, I listened, and am happy to be offering another one this month!

There is also a new Flights of Fancy necklace available. This one features a small pendant, in purple and silver, with the word "LOVE".

All auctions run for the next 5 days on eBay.

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This month I have a necklace, earring and bracelet set that is very different than any others I've made before! I sculpted a bird (the species is up to your imagination!) with matching oval beads, from black clay and coated with antique copper and silver metallic pigments. The disc beads were then linked together with copper toned wires. The bird is adorned with some glass beads and a small clay charm that says LOVE. Matching earrings and a bracelet are included.

This set is so striking in person, and while the beads might look like metal, the clay is very lightweight, so it is easy to wear. If someone doesn't snap this set up, I'm thinking of keeping it for myself! :)

There are also two "Flights of Fancy" pendants on eBay this week, which resemble Blue and Green Quakers, but they could be other birds, it's up to your imagination! All of this month's creations are on auction for the next 5 days on eBay, ending on Thursday the 13th!

Posted By Alicia


In a break from my typical parrots, I created some "Flights of Fancy" birds this month! They are more whimsical, and created in a different way, using metallic pigments on top of stamped and textured surfaces on the pendants. A silver glass leaf bead adorns each pendant, and the bird's eyes are black agate. I think of these pendants as wearable mixed media collage!

These particular birds loosely represent: African Grey, Moluccan Cockatoo, Conure, Cockatiel and Hyacinth Macaw. Beautiful glass beads in color schemes of pink, navy blue, and hints of yellow make up all of the necklaces, except for the Moluccan, which is beaded in pink and yellow.

These five unique beaded necklace/earring sets are being auctioned on eBay for the next 5 days, however these Flights of Fancy necklaces DO have the Buy it Now option for immediate purchase.



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