Posted By Alicia

It is hard to believe my little baby is already six years old! Kaleena (nicknamed Kiki in case you were wondering) is such a cuddlebug and sweetheart - although she wasn't much into having a party today as she is back to being in egg laying mode. However, she take a little time out to have some of her "bird-day cake" that her grandma made especially for her today! (THANKS MOM!!!) It was quite a hit!

Birthday bird

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Masami said...
My 12-year female Solomon Island Eclectus has had several egg-bounds in the past. If not egg-bound, she had a difficult time laying an egg. Some of her eggs had to be surgically removed (with no cuts though). She has two egg-laying seasons a year. Sometimes she lays about 7 a season. My vet recommended that I get a UVA/UVB avian light and give her more calcium (like cuttle bones). It worked. I have the light on the timer for 3 hours a day. She hasn't had any problems for at least 5 years. Close to her egg-laying season, I do add some avian multi-vitamins in her soft food, too.
May 10, 2008 11:28:22
Alicia said...
Kaleena says thanks to you all, you are our favorite cockatoo friends! :) Lucky you being egg-free with your toos. Miss K prefers to have the eggs removed as soon as possible, she wants nothing to do with them once they are laid, and will destroy them. Thankfully, she usually stops after laying 2 or 3 over a few weeks, and takes a break for a while. I do watch it though, as I don't want her to become deficient in any nutrients or have trouble.
May 7, 2008 05:47:21
Sunny, Hope and FlaxMan said...
We said it once, we'll say it again! Happy birthday to Kallena! What a cake! What a face! Whadda bird! Hope Killian also enjoyed parting down. (His birthday is...?) On a totally unrelated note, we're a Too house and thanksfully egg-free to date. Do you leave teh eggs with the Ekkies for awhile too, to discourge further laying? It can be an issue if a Too drops too many, but the Ekkies look like they could hang tough through anything. Ms Kaleena: just 6 and you are already such a lovely distinguished bird. We'll always be your biggest fans.
May 2, 2008 10:56:20
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