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Well friends, I have so very much to be thankful for and am feeling truly grateful! On Friday night, my bedroom, bathroom, studio and living area were flooded due to a sump pump not running. But there is a lot of fantastic news!

#1 My family, furry and feathered friends and I are safe.
#2 The majority of my material possessions were saved, and are boxed up and sitting somewhere dry
#3 I have been blessed by the kindness of so many family, friends and even strangers through all that has taken place, and am left in a state of absolute awe and appreciation of each and every one of them!
#4 This provides a wonderful opportunity to do major "purging" of old stuff that I no longer need, re-organization of *everything* I own, and even get some new colors of paint on the walls! All of which are things I have been wanting to do, but "haven't had time for"! Time is a funny thing.
#5 Insurance should cover all damage and clean up costs.

To those of you who may be purchasing items on eBay during this time - I have all inventory jewelry safe and handy and should still be able to mail everything out on schedule. My internet connection is limited at times however, so there may be delays in replying to your emails for a while. Thanks for your understanding!

I am hoping to be back in my place as soon as possible, but because of all of the work ahead (sorting, going through everything for insurance, replacing items, etc.) I will be taking some time off of custom orders and probably will not have a Bird of the Month collection on eBay next month. We'll just see how things go!

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